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Insulin Human [Fast-Acting]

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Medicine overview

Indications of Ansulin R 100 IU/ml

Treatment of all type 1 diabetic patient. treatment for those with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar cannot be sufficiently controlled by diet or oral hypoglycemic medications. for the initial stabilization of diabetes in people with diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar non-ketotic syndrome, and during stressful times like serious illnesses and major surgery for people with diabetes. gestational diabetes treatment.

Theropeutic Class

Rapid Acting Insulin


The ability of insulin to connect to receptors on muscle and fat cells and to simultaneously restrict the liver's ability to release glucose are what cause it to drop blood sugar levels. Long-acting insulin is called Insulatard. The action begins within one and a half hours, has its peak effect within four to twelve hours, and lasts for roughly twenty-four hours. The half-life of insulin in the blood is only a few minutes. As a result, only the features of an insulin preparation's absorption dictate its time-action profile. Many elements have an impact on this process (e.g. insulin dosage, injection route, and site, the thickness of subcutaneous fat, and type of diabetes).

Dosage of Ansulin R 100 IU/ml

Use your insulin exactly as directed by your doctor, adjusting the dosage as necessary. If you're unsure, ask your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse. Within 30 minutes of the injection, consume a meal or snack that contains carbs to prevent low blood sugar. If your doctor doesn't instruct you to, don't adjust your insulin. Your doctor may need to change your dose if you were switched from one brand or kind of insulin to another.

Administration of Ansulin R 100 IU/ml

for usage beneath the skin. Typically, Insulatard is injected subcutaneously into the thigh. If more practical, the deltoid area, gluteal area, or abdominal wall may also be employed. In comparison to the other injection locations, the thigh's subcutaneous injection causes a slower and less varied absorption. Unintentional intramuscular injection is less likely when the skin fold is injected into. To ensure that the entire dosage is injected, keep the needle subcutaneously for at least 6 seconds. To prevent lipodystrophy, injection sites should be rotated within anatomical regions. Never inject insulin suspensions intravenously. A package booklet for Insulatard contains comprehensive usage instructions that must be followed. The vials are meant to be used with equivalent unit insulin syringes. When two types of insulin are mixed, draw the amount of fast-acting insulin first, followed by the amount of long-acting insulin.

Side Effects of Ansulin R 100 IU/ml

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a relatively frequent adverse consequence. More than one in ten persons might be impacted. Low blood sugar symptoms include cold perspiration, chilly pale skin, headache, rapid heartbeat, nausea, extreme hunger, brief changes in vision, fatigue, unusual weakness, anxiety or tremor, feeling agitated, feeling confused, and difficulty focusing.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Before using this medication, consult your doctor if you are pregnant, suspect you may be pregnant, or are planning a pregnancy. You can use this insulin while you're pregnant. You might need to adjust your insulin dosage both during pregnancy and after birth. Careful control of your diabetes, particularly prevention of hypoglycaemia, is important for the health of your baby. The use of this insulin during breastfeeding is not restricted.

Precautions & Warnings

If you experience issues with your adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, or liver glands. If you decide to vary your typical diet or engage in more exercise than usual, as these actions may have an impact on your blood sugar level. Continue taking your insulin and see a doctor if you feel sick. Traveling across time zones when visiting another country could change your demand for insulin and the timing of this.

Storage Conditions

Keep refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C. Avoid touching the cooling device. Avoid freezing.

Use In Special Populations

Usage in children and adolescents: Children and adolescents may use this. Usage with specific patient populations You should check your blood sugar more frequently and talk to your doctor about adjusting your insulin dosage if you have impaired kidney or liver function or if you are over 65.

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