Refund & Return Policy

  • 1. MedEasy provides free home delivery on 1000 BDT medicine orders and above in the Dhaka City Corporation, Chattagram City Corporation, Bogura Sadar areas. For below 1000 TK, the delivery charge will be only 30 TK.
  • 2. For the whole of Bangladesh except the above-mentioned areas, MedEasy takes only 30 TK delivery charges at 1000 TK medicine orders and above. For below 1000 TK, the delivery charge will be counted on what courier charge comes. In this case, customers must pay in advance through any digital payment.
  • 3. We cannot deliver the Insulin and temperature-controlled items for the outside delivery of Dhaka City Corporation, Chattagram City Corporation, Bogura Sadar areas. Because courier services do not accept these items for delivery.
  • 4. The minimum order value has to be 200 BDT.
  • 5. Return requests should be initiated within 7 days of delivery. Once the return window expires, nothing can be done.

Return policy

If the purchased medicines are intact, we exchange the medicines within 7days of purchase. No used strips/ bottles can be returned.
If there is a necessity to return medicines because of a prescription change, we will provide an exchange of medicines as per the doctor's new prescription within 1 month of purchase. However, both the prescriptions (previous and recent) need to be submitted for company records.
No freezing items (i.e injections, insulins) can be returned under any circumstances.
When we take the returned medicines, the value of returned order will be adjusted in the next order. In case of medicine return/ exchange - If the customer returns any medicine after delivery or needs to exchange the delivered medicines, the cost of returned or exchanged medicine will be adjusted with his/ her next order. The cost can not be adjusted through cashback. The cost can only be adjusted with the next order. For example- person 'A' needs to return two strips of medicine which cost 100 TK. He can adjust the cost with his next order if his next order. If the next order amount is 1000 taka, he will pay (1000-100)= 900 TK for his next order. In case of full advance payment (medicine)- If the full payment of a medicine order is made in advance and for some reason, the order is canceled then he can get a full refund through bKash.In case of failed or canceled doctor appointments- If a doctor's appointment is failed or is canceled for some reason then the patient will get a full refund through bKash.